Skills with Knowledge to upgrade Youth



Providing youth with suitable technical training and education in the rapidly expanding digital era is essential as we want to turn them into contributing members of society.


The main objective of SKY Tech is to empower the youth of Pakistan, including females, by providing them with employable skills in the computer and information technology sector, so they can contribute to their families’ well-being as well as serve as role models for the community’s economically disadvantaged members.

The second objective is to deploy the trained youth in the aforementioned industries in the appropriate work positions within six months of their training completion. Additionally, the remaining 25% of the successful trainees will be urged to launch their own freelance enterprises.


A social company in Pakistan called SKY Tech is developing a scalable, organized, and national network of institutions to educate and upskill IT workers.


To create an environment where learning is mutually reinforcing and places an emphasis on high-quality, innovative instruction in order to produce new knowledge through a variety of creative endeavors and professional training, which lays the groundwork for addressing both the short- and long-term needs of society.


Emanate Positivity

Be Communicative and Responsive

Ensure The Quality of Training

Technique for Help Students

Embrace Challenge: Innovate, Create, & Grow

Respect, Inclusion & Stewardship