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Welcome to Skytech's FITNESS CENTER - your complete fitness, exercise and health portal. The time is now to choose a healthier lifestyle and physical exercise is a big part of that. Our web site will help you out by providing all the fitness and exercise information you need to get started. Our fitness products can help you select and buy the right fitness equipment and we often have great discounts. Let's start working up a sweat and get our hearts pumping!
Basics & Backgrounds
Every thing you need to know about the fundamentals of Fitness
Getting Started
The section for beginners to know basic essentials when starting out
Fitness Exercises
Learn about different Fitness Exercises here thoroughly and do it yourself.
Fitness Nutrition & Diet
Know about importance of Fitness Nutrition and having the right kind of diet here.
Fitness Variations
Here, you will know all about Aerobic Exercises, their short descriptions, their target body muscles/areas, and suggested ways to incorporate them in your Fitness Plan.
Equipment Overview
Read about how to choose right fitness equipment for you.
Fitness Safety
How to stay injury-free and get familiar with the common workout- and Pilates-related injuries.
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