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I've not come across your web site before, who are you?

You’ve just found the company that will exceed your expectations. We are the largest Health & Fitness online dealer. Our Certified Personal Trainers help you choose from our huge selection of home gyms, treadmills, bikes, massage chairs and massage apparatus.

How soon can I expect my goods to be delivered after ordering?
For deliveries of health & fitness equipment the date will be confirmed within 2 days of receiving your order and confirmation of payment. We will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time.
I'm not sure what fitness product would best suit my needs. Can you help?
Our Customer Support Team is extremely knowledge about all of our equipment and will be able to offer advice on which equipment would be suitable. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy and it could save you even more money by buying the right machine for you.
What is the recommended environment for use and storage of equipment?
All equipment are designed for use and storage indoors, in an environment of normal home conditions. The equipment tolerates temperatures between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius, the air humidity must never exceed 90 %: otherwise the humidity may cause malfunctions in the console electronics and the metal surfaces are exposed to corrosion. Notice that some of our products for commercial use feature a galvanized steel frame. It is not recommended to keep the products exposed to continuous sunshine, and in storage the products should be protected against dust.
What is MET?
Some machines have MET function which stands for Metabolic equivalent. Is a multiple of oxygen consumption in rest. 1 MET equals 3.5ml/kg/min. This is the amount of oxygen that a person needs while in rest. For example, a result of an exercise test, be it 13 METs, means the person can exceed his resting oxygen consumption 13 times. A person's maximal MET value equals his/her maximal oxygen consumption in ml (ml/kg/min); it's just expressed in different units.
Does good aerobic fitness affect the amount of active years?

According to research good aerobic capacity can extend one's life span for up to 7 years; on the other hand the amount of active years can be considered even more important.

What fitness level is sufficient when considering health?
According to research 10 METs are enough. Many American experts say that 13 METs gives excellent protection against heart and cardiovascular diseases, even if other risk factors were present.
What is the right way to lubricate a treadmill?

The need for lubrication is primarily affected by usage and its environment. If the treadmill is mainly used for walking, it needs to be lubricated more often than if used mainly for running. Furthermore, the warmer its environment, the faster the oil evaporates from the surfaces of the track and base.
You should most importantly follow the lubricating instructions given in the manual, keeping the points above in mind. Current equipment needs its first lubrication after about 30 hours of normal weekly home use.
Excessive lubrication and "just in case" lubrication are absolutely prohibited; they will cause problems in electrical operation. Some treadmill models are equipped with an overload protector. This safeguards the motor against any overload (resulting e.g. from a lack of lubrication).
The only certain way to check if lubrication is necessary is to wipe your fingers along the surface of both the track and the base. If you find your fingers are dry, lubrication is obviously needed. But if there is even a thin layer of oil on your fingers, then no lubrication is required. When the treadmill is lubricated, the lubricant should only be applied on an approximately 20 cm wide area along the middle of the track for its whole length.

How to get spare parts for  equipment ?
We try to keep all spare parts in stock for at least 2 years. We do not make major spare part purchases after that, but usually have spare parts in stock for all available equipment that is well over 5 years old. If the required part is no longer available, you can ask us whether it can be replaced with one from another equipment, or if there is some other solution.
What is the difference between an ergo meter cycle and an exercise cycle?
Unlike the exercise cycle, the ergo meter cycle is a device for measuring your training effort: the brake system of an ergo meter continually measures the pedaling effort and shows this on the display in watts (W). Benefits of an ergo meter in training include a highly accurate calculation of energy consumption, possibility of repeating exercises exactly on the same intensity and performing condition tests. Furthermore, an ergo meter can offer preset training profiles.
Is there any proof that exercise increases longevity?
Moderate exercise extends your life. A famous study looking at almost 17,000 male alumni of Harvard University showed that as the activity of the men increased, their death rates decreased. Men who expended at least 2,000 calories doing moderately vigorous exercise, such as playing tennis or jogging, lowered their overall death rates by 25-33% and decreased their risk of coronary artery disease by 41% when compared to the more sedentary alumni.
Is fat burning an important component of the anti-aging exercise program?
Fat burning comes with any properly done aerobics exercise. The key in anti-aging cardiovascular training is to stress the heart at a suitable level for your age and not over exertion (which may lead to a heart attack). Don't worry about fat burning. Concentrate on the program and everything will take care of itself.
What are the advantages of using dumbbells for strength training?
Dumbbells permit individualized and optimized alignment of joints, making the exercises both safer and more effective. Furthermore, with the dumbbells, you are exercising in a three dimensional environment (compared to a machine where it is more linear and two dimensional, so to say), and so your muscle workout is more complete and more real.
Can exercise reduce stress?
Exercise is a good way to cleanse your mind and emotions. If your mind is cluttered, it will become fresh following exercise. If you are exercising properly, your mind will actually be at rest. That's why people who exercise regularly are more productive and creative. Keep in mind that you cannot relive stress and get the full benefit of exercise if you are in an environment with constant interruption.
Why is warming up important in an exercise program?
Warming up raises both the general body and the deep muscle temperature through increasing the blood flow. It also stretches caliginous tissue, allowing for greater flexibility and improved performance. From an anti-aging perspective, stretching and warming up reduces the rate of injury and is therefore a critical element in a comprehensive workout program.
What is a good warm up exercise?
The best warm up for most exercisers and sports enthusiasts is stationary biking with minimal resistance. It quickly raises your heart rate and is safe.
How much fat should I have in my body?
A certain amount of fat is essential for life. For men, 3-6% of your total body weight must be fat to sustain life. For women, it's 8-12%. The average American male has 25% body fat and women 33%. The optimum anti-aging level for males is 13-18% and women is 18-22 %
How many calories do I burn during exercise?
The number of calories burned during exercise depends on the intensity and the type of exercise. Generally speaking, the average person burns between 400 - 600 calories for every hour of exercise.
What is one good rule to remember for exercise?
One good rule for firming and toning the body is: anaerobic-type exercises (such as weight lifting) are best for firming, and aerobic-type exercises (such as running) are best for losing weight and taking away mass from your body.
What are the best exercises to firm my chest?
There are many exercises in a gym that can help you firm your chest. Some of the popular ones include barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flies, and the chess press machine. If you do not have access to a gym, push-ups and dips are simple exercises that get results.
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