Web Design and Development

Web design and development

Introduction to the Course

The overall objective of this program is to produce employable web designers and web developers who can provide website designs and development services in nearly any industry or organization, which involves web applications in its operation The graduates of this program will also be able to be entrepreneurs However, this will require providing additional input on entrepreneurship development for the one who is willing to start his/her own business(Not included in the curriculum).

This curriculum can serve as a quality improvement initiative geared to helping institutions build their capacity to produce resources for Designing a Website and development By leveraging the guided discussions, activities, resources, and other materials in these trainings, the participant will build his/her knowledge, skills, and abilities related to:

  • Knowledge of the internet
  • Differentiate different types of websites
  • Explanation of problem-solving techniques
  • Practical experience in designing software
  • Understanding of the web hosting and domain registration process
  • Ability to deal with clients
  • Information about major websites threats and their security measures
  • Practical experience of HTML / JavaScript / CSS
  • Sound knowledge of Database Management Systems
  • Adequate presentation skills

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Explain Internet Working
  • Module 2: Elaborate World Wide Web
  • Module 3: Design a Website
  • Module 4: Plan Website and Explain Software Development Life Cycle for Web Applications
  • Module 5: Use Databases in Web Development
  • Module 6: Develop Website using Client Side Scripting Languages
  • Module 7: Develop Website using Server Side Scripting Languages
  • Module 8: Design and Present Final Project
  • Module 9: Perform Duties and Exhibit rights at the Workplace

Course Description

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Total Duration: 800 Hours
  • Daily Class Timings: 6 Hours
  • Theory: 280 Hours
  • Practical: 620 Hours
  • Classes offered: Morning, Afternoon
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • For Girls: Tue/Thru/Sat
  • For Boys: Mon/Wed/Fri


  • Internationally Recognized Certificate CBT&A (Competency Based Training & Assessment)


  • Theory: 20%
  • Practical: 80%
  • Institute Based Training: 5 Months
  • On The Job Training: 1 Month

Requirements for Admission

  • Valid CNIC
  • Qualification: Matriculation
  • Age Limit: 16 to 45

Opportunities for employment and advancement

The trainee is employed in government / semi-government / private organizations as well as in private software houses Experienced resources may advance through promotions with the same employer or by moving to more advanced positions with other employers They can become:

  • Web Engineer
  • Senior Web Engineer
  • Technical Team Lead Project Manager
  • Project Architect


An experienced trainee achieves a highly respected level of salary There are good prospects for travel both within Pakistan and abroad The employment outlook in this occupation will be influenced by a wide variety of factors including:

  • Trends and events affecting overall employment
  • Location in Pakistan
  • Employment turnover (work opportunities generated by people leaving existing positions)
  • Occupational growth (work opportunities resulting from the creation of new positions that never existed before)
  • Size of the industry
  • The flexibility of the applicant (concerning location and schedule of work)
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