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Water Fitness

Exercise not only keeps the body trim but it also improves the health and the endurance to perform daily tasks such as walking, or doing daily chores. A newly introduced way of having fun while exercising without the sweat and the equipment is Water Fitness. Water Fitness is all about exercising in a pool. This does not necessarily mean that a person must know how to swim in order to do water fitness. Usually, the depth of exercising under water would only be up to chest deep. There are varieties of water exercises that can be done even in your backyard pool. Exercising in water only involves 50% of your body weight, making it easier to perform some of these suggested exercises:

  1. Walking
    For beginners, start at the knee-high end of the pool. You can balance yourself by holding at the side of the pool. Do this for 5 – 10 minutes.

    This is good for people who had knee or joint injuries and are already recovering. The water creates a space wherein it protects the body part submerged in water.

  2. Water Running
    Start this by running in the shallow end of the pool. Run for 5 – 10 minutes and don't forget to be aware of your breathing. Running in water may be hard on the first day but as you increase your fitness level, you will get used to the feeling of the water pressure on your knees and legs.

    This exercise is good for toning your legs and increasing your cardio-respiratory level.

  3. Water Squats
    Stand with feet apart at the hip-deep part of the pool. Hold the side of the pool as you bend your knees and squat. Go as low as you can manage, stand again, and repeat this for 6 – 10 times.

    Water squats are good for your lower body.
As you increase your fitness level, you can try going to the deeper part of the pool, and try increasing the time you spend exercising. The deeper you go, the stronger is the water pressure that will work on your joints and muscles. Also remember to have a good posture while doing the exercises. Always look straight ahead, and avoid bowing down.

Water fitness is a fun way of burning calories while coming out of the water feeling fresh and cool. It is also safe way to exercise because when you lose your balance, you'll land safely on water instead of a hard surface. Aside from that, water fitness will increase your flexibility and will improve your muscular endurance. Keep in mind to consult your doctor first before doing any of these activities. That will ensure you are doing things safely.
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