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Fitness - Beginner's Guide

Fitness is more than just exercising, weight control and diet. It’s a combination of these and more. This section will help you understand what Fitness is all about by enumerating and describing the Basic Components of Fitness and how to measure them. Also, this will help you start with a Fitness Program that will suit your need and lifestyle by outlining tips on How to Set your specific Fitness Goals and How to Select a Gym that is appropriate with your Fitness routine.

After reading the following articles, we hope that you’ll be more confident and comfortable in following your Fitness Program and achieving your desired Fitness Goals.

The Components of a Fitness Workout
To achieve your Fitness Goals, you need to balance all its components. There are five basic components of Fitness. This section will explain what these components are and what you need to do in order to balance them. Read here for more information.
Setting Your Fitness Goals
Becoming and staying Physically Fit requires the setting of specific Fitness Goals. Your fitness goal will help you decide how you can achieve a body that is fit. Before deciding on a fitness program, set your goals first. This section will help you make them.
Choosing a Fitness Gym
Before joining a gym, you should first analyze what your requirements are, your budget, and the features and services of the gym that you want to join. Read this section for some guidelines in choosing a fitness gym. Read this section for more information.
Being Physically Fit requires the setting of specific, realistic and achievable Fitness Goals. But before you set your goals, it is important to understand what Fitness is all about by knowing its five basic components: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition. An essential step to Achieving Your Fitness Goal is to find a Gym that fulfills your requirements and at the same time makes you feel comfortable.
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