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Fitness - Sleep & Rest

Physical Fitness is not just about doing physical exercises. It also deals with sufficient food intake and adequate rest period. The body, needless to say, also needs rest to remain healthy. Anyone cannot function well if rest-deprived. After an intense physical exercise, for example, you need to rest for several minutes to relax the tired muscles or to slow the heart rate. Doing otherwise would lead to over fatigue.

Sleeping is the best form of rest. Cortisol, the hormone that affects how our immune system functions, establishes when we get active or when we need to rest during a 24-hour period. The level of Cortisol is high during the start of the day, and then peters out during the night. Sleeping, therefore, helps the body to recover, repair, and regenerate from the events of the day.

Your body needs at least seven hours of sleep to do physical repair, as well as to induce mental rejuvenation. Under normal sleeping circumstances, the body undergoes physical repair between 10 pm and 2 am. From 2 am until 6 am, the mind goes under mental rejuvenation. Chemicals that improve the immune system are released inside the body, which then help fight off diseases.

Not having adequate sleep presses the body to do physical repair and mental rejuvenation at a limited period of time, leading to increased disease processes. Aside from serious risks involving physical and mental health, other negative effects of inadequate sleep include reduced physical performance. Sleep researchers recommend keeping a regular sleep/wake schedule to ward off existing sleep problems.

A restful sleep every day of the week is needed to function well physically and mentally anytime of the day. Depriving yourself of sleep will always lead to weakened physical and mental performance. Try to have at least seven hours of sleep. Once you wake up, you’ll surely feel energized!

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