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Fitness Calculator & Fitness Calculations

Entering a Fitness Program requires more than engaging in the different physical activities such as exercise. It is very essential to have a quantitative record of your Fitness Calculations. These data will make it easier for you to tell the differences you are encountering with your body since day one. Calculating your statistics will also be much easier since everything is in numerical form. Moreover, before getting started with a Fitness Routine, keeping a record of your current statistics will be valuable for future references.

There are several information you need to jot down in your personal Fitness Diary. Here are some of them:

  • Height - Height is the vertical measurement of a person in an upright position. It is the distance from the floor to the top of the person's head measured using a chosen standard of measurement.

  • Weight - Weight is the measure of heaviness of a person. It is the vertical force exerted by a person's body, and can also be defined as a measurement of mass. The human weight can be determined through a weighing scale, and are commonly expressed either in units of mass such as kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb).

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - a number that reflects the percentage of body fat in proportion to lean body mass (i.e. bone, muscle, tissue, organs, and blood). This is a height-weight system of measurement that applies to all gender. BMI is the basic measure of what is the proper weight for your height. Excess weight increases your risk to health problems and complications. The normal BMI is 20-25. The formula to get your BMI is: BMI = (Weight in Pounds/ [height in inches] x [height in inches]) x 703

  • Target Heart Rate (THR) - The heart rate you should maintain when you exercise. Avoid higher intensity level when engaging in a physical activity to make sure your heart does not overwork. By subtracting your age from the fixed value 220, you can get your THR. Multiplying it by .85 and .65 respectively, you will get the upper and lower THR limit.

This Fitness section will provide you with instant calculations of your Height and Weight (compared with the standard chart), BMI, and Target Heart Rate, with the corresponding interpretation based from the data you entered. These Fitness Calculations will be essential before, during, and after your Fitness Routines.

Through this site, we will help you assess your weight, what are the right foods for you, and what physical activities are appropriate and effective in your workout plan. Keeping track of the following Fitness Data will not only help you monitor your progress but also help improve your Fitness Level and assure that you are on the right path to achieving your Fitness Goals.

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