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Common Fitness & Workout Injuries

A lot of people dread to exercise because of the pain it brings them. They are the ones who are made to believe that if there is no pain, there is no gain, which shouldn't be the case. Sure, Fitness Exercises can be pretty exhausting but these shouldn't be painful. If it starts to feel that way, then there is something wrong. In this section, get familiar with the different injuries related to working out:

Pulled/Strained Muscles
This may be caused by one or both of these things: not doing warm-up exercises and not stretching. If you fail to do warm-up exercises, you are surely asking for trouble. Warming up is done to prepare your muscles for the task ahead of you.

Meanwhile, Stretching helps loosen up your muscles so that they can be flexible enough for the Fitness Exercise that you will do.

Lower Back Pain
This usually happens when you often do an exercise that uses the muscles on your lower back intensively, like Running. Another cause is lifting a heavy weight without bending your knees.

To avoid this, try doing exercises that strengthen your lower back and abdomen. Take a day off from the activity that causes it so the pain will not get worse.

Ice and gentle stretching can do the job of easing the pain. Consult your doctor about it especially if the pain persists. It may be a sign of a more serious injury.

Knee Pain
Pain in the knees can be from a variety of causes. But this type of injury can put your Fitness life at risk especially if you are a runner. One way to avoid knee pain is by not overusing your knees.

Cross training involves low-impact training that helps prevent overuse injuries. So if you're a runner, for instance, you can avoid injuries due to overuse by going swimming. Doing so will lessen the chances of injuries such as pain on your knees and lower back.

To avoid these injuries, follow these simple guidelines: warm up and stretch, cool down after you exercise, do not lift too much weight immediately, and take some time to rest and let your body heal. By following these rules, your chances of getting injured are minimized and you become insured of being able to exercise for a longer time.

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