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Eating Disorders

The term Eating Disorder is one that is familiar to a lot of people nowadays primarily because of the media’s constant coverage on this matter. They bring to the focus particularly those celebrities who may be suffering from this as evidenced by their drastic weight loss and such.

But more than just a phenomenon among celebrities, Eating Disorders are a real threat especially to ordinary folks who may not even be aware that they suffer from these conditions.

The misconception of Eating Disorders is that a person suffering from it has a problem with food. It could be that he/she eats too much or too little. The truth of the matter lies deeper than that. Eating Disorders are mere symptoms of a likely psychological problem of the person.

One of the most common psychological problems associated with Eating Disorders is the distorted view of the physical self. This is commonly associated with those people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. Sufferers may see themselves as being too fat, thus they try to lose weight to the point of obsession until they lose too much weight that it is no longer healthy. Sexual abuse is also pointed to as another contributor to this condition. In other words, Eating Disorders can be rooted into a deeper problem which may or may not be easily apparent.

Here are some of the common Eating Disorders:
  • Anorexia Nervosa – this is characterized by low body weight and a distorted perception of one’s body. A person suffering from this is also afraid of gaining weight.

  • Bulimia Nervosa – just like Anorexia, a person with Bulimia Nervosa has this fear of gaining weight. However, instead of not eating, the person goes on a recurrent binge eating which is followed by purging of what he/she has eaten. This is done to prevent the person from gaining weight.

  • Binge eating – a binge eater consumes more food than normal and until he/she is physically uncomfortable. There are also other factors that would characterize this condition but what is noticeable is the person’s feeling of embarrassment about food and the guilt that comes with eating too much.
We hope that this article would help you understand better the Eating Disorders and see that people suffering from these conditions must never be ostracized but rather be given enough understanding and help so that they will be able to overcome their debilitating situation.
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