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Fitness Nutrition & Diet - Fat Attack

Fats have been an obsession of people in many ways. Although it is important to watch your fat intake, you should not attempt to Eliminate All Fats from your diet. You may not know it, but there are actually "good fats" and "bad fats".

Good fats.
The good fats are the unsaturated fats and they are essential to your well-being. They have fatty acids that are crucial for many of your body's properties and functions (e.g. energy production and improved skin and hair condition). Also, good fats help extract energy from other food sources. These fats are found in olive oil, nuts, eggs, sunflower seeds, and oily fish such as fresh tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

Bad fats.
The bad fats are the saturated fats. These are basically useless
to your body. Bad fats come from fatty meat, butter, hard margarine, pastries, and cheese.

When you Eliminate Fats, you can end up without sufficient "good fats". However, the current craze of low-fat and non-fat foods does not Differentiate Good Fats from Bad Fats. The problem with this low-fat, non-fat craze is that people tend to eat two or three more serving of a food instead of just one. As a result, you are just adding calories which, when not used, will eventually be converted into fat.

Even though losing body fat reduces your risk for coronary artery, never attempt to eliminate all fats from your diet. Also, keep in mind that the Key to Weight Control and Fitness is balance between your food intake and your physical activity.

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