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Choosing Fitness Method

Fitness History proves that as we become too enamored with wealth, prosperity and leisure, our Fitness Levels also drop. Gone were the hunting and gathering days when people used to rely on muscles rather than machines to get around. In fact, since we've become a mechanically mobile society, Getting and Staying in Shape has now become a challenge.

Nevertheless, there are Options for Enhancing Your Fitness that could match your lifestyle and needs. Indeed, there are so many options that even sorting through those selections becomes a challenge. The following are a range of options that will help you determine what Type of Fitness Activity might be most suitable for your Fitness Routine:

  • Are you a loner or outgoing person? Bear in mind that while the following activities are categorized, some solo and twosome activities can work with a group (e.g. running and rock climbing), while some group activities can be pleasurable for twosome or even solo as well:

    1. Fitness in Solo. - Running and Jogging, Aerobics, In-line and Ice Skating, Bicycling, Kayaking, Alpine and Cross-country Skiing, Swimming
    2. Fitness in Twos. - Tennis, Badminton, Tandem Cycling, Racquetball, Fencing, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing
    3. Fitness in Groups. - Volleyball, Softball, Touch Football, Soccer, Ice and Roller Hockey

  • Day or night?
    Examine your body clock and rhythms. If you like to load activities at the end of the day, then evening is the time for you to schedule your fitness habit. But if you are an early-riser and would prefer to jump-start your day, then opt for a morning exercise routine.

    Morning exercise advocates reveal that the early routine makes them more alert and energetic on the job. Still, the popular time for exercise is the hour just before the evening meal. The late afternoon workout typically provides a welcome change of pace at the end of the work day. Choosing a Fitness Method Also, it helps dissolve the day's worries and stress.
  • Indoor or outdoor?
    1. Indoor Fitness Activities. - Aerobics, Dancing, Martial Art, Squash, Fencing, Racquetball, Wall Climbing, and other gym activities
    2. Outdoor Fitness Activities. - Bicycling, Trail Running, Kayaking, Soft-ball, Soccer, Football, Skiing, In-line Skating, Snow boarding

  • How risky are you willing to go?
    1. Low risk Fitness Activities. - Jogging, Aerobics, Dancing, Walking, Tennis
    2. High risk Fitness Activities. - In-line Skating, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Downhill Skiing, Snow boarding.

When you've decided What Type of Activity Will Fit You, keep in mind that there is no such thing as Getting Fit instantly. You will need sufficient dedication and self-discipline as you go through your Fitness Program. Still, the rewards are definitely worth the extra effort.
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