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Body Building and Toning

Male and female figures with fully-developed muscles are the stereotypical representation of body builders. These are Fitness enthusiasts who devote their time in improving their strength through weight training. Body builders also take sufficient rest and food intake to come up with a muscular physique.

Body Building traces its history during the 19th century, when Eugene Sandow, who is called the Father of Modern Body Building, promoted it by displaying his muscular physique. Sandow pioneered Body Building. He was also said to have invented exercise equipment such as the machined dumbbells.

Sandow’s legacy continues up to this day as competitive Body Building is considered as a sport. There are professional body builders who join competitions which are open to men, women, and teenagers, among other categories. There are even kids who become body builders.

With Body Building, there is improved body strength, developed muscle tone, and increased metabolic rate, though the most obvious benefits of Body Building are probably larger biceps and firmer thighs. Body Building is essentially a total body workout in its strictest sense that has essential benefits.

Aside from Body Building, there is also Body Toning, which is a Fitness goal that generally focuses on firming up the arms and triceps. Enlarged muscle tissue and decreased body fat can be achieved by doing strength training, as well as losing fats around the muscles.

Resistance exercises for the muscles are a good Body Toning workout. These include use of handheld weights in a repetitive exercise. With regular practice, this would lead to a toned body that is not only supple and slender but also strong. Moreover, Body Toning leads to a more flexible body.

Body Building is almost always synonymous to muscle development, while Body Toning is associated with getting a slender physique. This is the main difference between Body Building and toning, but both focus on strength training, as well as giving emphasis on adequate rest and food intake.

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